Allround UX‐ UI Designer & front end developer Based in Amsterdam

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UX/UI Design & Front-End

E-Learning at its best

An e-learning platform where courses and academies can be created with all ease, track participant's scores and test their knowledge with exams.

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UI / UX Design & Front-End

Coursepath E-Learning Platform

An e-learning platform where I've worked on designing an easy-to-use experience.

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UI / UX Design & Front-End

Viadesk Social Intranet Platform

A social intranet platform where i've worked on multiple aspects.

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UI / UX Design & Mobile Design

Prestau Food Delivery Service

I was responsible for the UX- and UI design for a new food delivery service.

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UI / UX Design & Mobile App Design

Motolift Scooter Pickup Service

Designed the mobile application for a new scooter pick-up service in Amsterdam.

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UX/UI Design & Front-End & Back-End

WeCare's Healthcare Platform

Designed and developed an easy-to-use platform for homecare nurses.

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UI/UX Design

Bookhint Bookings Platform

I've worked on the user experience and the webdesign for a new booking system.

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Constantly in motion, learning and seeking new challenges.

My name is Tmothy, aged 27, passionate designer and media junkie for several years. Since 5 years now I am living a life of an interaction designer with current resident in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I design to solve human problems by first identifying them, examining alternate solutions to them and finally choosing and creating the best solutions. I like to engage new challenges and i’m always looking forward to perfection, to what degree that exists. I'm passionate for technology, music, fitness, traveling and everything visually stimulating. Besides that I’m also someone who’s easygoing and like to have a laugh... or two.

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